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Snake Wine: Shocking Facts About This Alcoholic Drink

Snake Wine: Shocking Facts About this Alcoholic Drink

If you are an alcohol lover you have already drank different types of alcohol. One that we believe that you are unlikely to have encountered in the “Snake Wine”.

Can you imagine drinking wine out of a bottle that contains a full snake? Well, that’s what the snake wine is.

This strange alcohol drink has been around since the Western Zhou dynasty 771 BC where it was used for its medical benefits.

Read on to know more about the Snake alcohol and its benefits.

What is snake wine?

Although people make snake wine in different ways, the most common method involves putting a whole snake into a bottle of alcohol.

Most times, the snake is alive and left to ferment for weeks while other ingredients are added to spice up the flavour.

An alternative method involves killing the snake and mixing the blood with the alcohol. This one is usually drunk on the spot by buyers.

Is snake wine safe?

If your buy your snake alcohol from an authentic source, then it is likely safe.

You’re wondering how this is possible especially with venomous snakes. It’s because the ethanol in the alcohol drink neutralises the snake’s venom.

One thing you should be worried about though is the snake coming back to life.

Sometimes, when a live snake is placed inside the bottle of alcohol, it hibernates and might remain alive for months.

In these instances, you need to be careful to avoid being bitten by the snake.

Health benefits of snake wine

This wine is often sold and consumed by many for its health benefits.

Snake Wine

Many, mostly in Asia believe that a shot of this strange drink can prevent and cures various forms of ailments.

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This is because snakeskin has been used in the treatment of skin-related diseases and even migraines and joint pains.

Snake venom is also used in some areas of China to treat leprosy, hair loss and at times, it serves as an aphrodisiac.

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