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5 Common Lies That People Tell in Relationships

5 Common Lies That People Tell in Relationships

If we are being honest, lying has become a huge part of our daily lives. No matter how hard we try, it’s often difficult to go a day without lying.

One of the common situations where people tell lies is in their relationship.

People lie to their partners for different reasons, either to keep arguments from happening, to save the relationship, or to keep a secret.

There are different degrees of lying and here we’ll disclose the common lies that you have probably heard from your spouse without knowing.

1. I’m Listening

This often happens during long conversations, when you’re talking to your partner about an event that they’re not interested in.

You’ll find that their mind soon drifts away but when you call attention to it, the first thing you’ll hear is “I’m listening”.

This is pretty normal in couples and there’s nothing to worry about unless it becomes too frequent.

2. You look great

This is one of the common lies told by guys in a relationship. most guys don’t want to tell you that you’re not looking your best because most ladies take it to heart.

Other times it might just be because you’re keeping him waiting while doing your Make up.

Common lies

3. I’m sorry

Believe it or not, not everyone means it when they say “I’m sorry”. This is also one of the common lies that men tell to their spouses.

The thing is most mean say this frequently just to avoid an argument. Even when he doesn’t feel he has done something wrong, “I’m sorry” stops the situation from spiraling out of control.

4. I don’t know

You’ve probably asked your girlfriend an important question only to get this answer.

This is one of the common lies that ladies tell their boyfriends. It’s most likely because she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she just doesn’t want to say it.

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5. Body count

While most guys swear that they don’t care about their new girlfriend’s body count from previous relationships, this is often not the case.

Women often downplay the extent of their sexcapades to soothe their partner’s ego.

She probably won’t tell you that she has slept with 15 guys already. Even though the guy might have more under his belt, it will play on his mind for the next few weeks.

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