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Crazy Pitbull Dog Kills 10-year-old Boy

Crazy Pitbull Dog Kills 10-year-old Boy

  • A 10-year-old boy was killed by a wild Pitbull in Caerphilly in South Wales during a visit to his friend’s house
  • Jack Lis was on an after school play date when the dog attack happened, causing him severe fatal injuries
  • The dog which is reported to be an American bulldog-type breed has been destroyed by firearms officers

A 10-year-old boy Jack Lis was killed near Caerphilly in South Wales after he was attacked by a huge pitbull dog.

According to Sky Sports, the incident happened at the house of the victim’s friend, near his home after school time.

Police were called to the address at 3.55 pm on Monday to the scene where the dog was being mauled by the savage beast.

The constables managed to distract the dog and remove the boy from the building where the incident took place.

It was however too late as the kid suffered severe injuries that caused his death a couple of moments later.

Inside the home, officers revealed that the animal was still acting aggressive, trying to escape, so it was put down.


Spokesperson for the police, Ch Supt Hobrough said that the pitbull dog will be identified by an expert to determine if it was legal.

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In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the Monday of the 10-year-old confirmed his death:

‘With so much heartbreak and before close friends and family see his name in the news, I have to announce our beautiful boy Jack was taken so tragically yesterday.’

Tributes have been sent out to the boy while flowers have been delivered to the scene of the accident and the primary school that the boy attended.

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