Internet Explorer to Cancel Operation After 27 Years

Internet Explorer to Cancel Operation After 27 Years

  • Microsoft has announced the shutting down of Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022.
  • The tech giant has advised users to stop using the browser.
  • Users who want access to the browser can, however, update it to Microsoft edge.

Wednesday, June 12, will mark the end of the iconic browser, Internet Explorer (IE). The  behemoth tech company announced through a blog post that they would cease operation from June 12, 2015, marking an end to its 27 years of services.

Internet Explorer

They’ve also urged users and organizations to retire from using it proactively.

To access the browser, every individual or organization using it will have to upgrade to Microsoft Edge as the company will no longer have support for IE11.

Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer in 1995 as an add-on package for Windows 1995. The browser reached its peak in 2003, recording a 95% usage share.

The company hasn’t launched any new version of its browser since the last one it launched. So far, the latest and final version of the internet explorer is Explorer 11, which was introduced in 2013. However, Internet Explorer, which everyone widely used, began experiencing deterioration as it could not meet the pace of other internet browsers.

The company, in a blog post in April, made it known to organizations and individuals using the internet explorer to schedule their retirement date before June 15 rather than waiting for them.

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The company stated in the post:

“It has been quite a journey this past year, and we appreciate all the work you have put in to make sure your organization is ready for when IE retires on June 15, 2022. The future of Internet Explorer is in Microsoft Edge, and with Microsoft Edge, your organization gets a dual-engine advantage, capable of running your IE-dependent sites, while offering a faster, more secure, and modern experience for everything else,” 

The deterioration of the internet explorer began in 2015 when Microsoft introduced a chromium-based edge browser. Since then, Microsoft Edge has grown to become the second most popular desktop browser in the world.

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