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WONDERS! Man successfully gives birth to baby through his pen*s [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

Man successfully gives birth to baby through his pen*s

Can a man become pregnant, carry, and give birth to a baby? Pregnancy is something which is traditionally only applicable to women, however new statistics reveal it may be becoming more prevalent among males. A video gone viral on YouTube shows how a man gave birth to a baby through his penis. This is indeed wonders and to our surprise the doctors carried out the childbirth successfully. Man successfully gives birth to baby through his pen*s.

Wow. That was pretty intense. I cannot begin to illustrate just how painful a delivery process is for a woman, which she does pretty effectively, let alone a man? Through this penis as tiny as that hole is? Damn!!! The internet is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre and weirdest places in the history of the world and just when we thought we had seen it all, this came up.

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Man successfully gives birth to baby through his pen*sSeveral questions have been asked over time, such as – If it is ever possible for a womb to be successfully transplanted into a man’s body, and if that womb could carry and nurture a sperm-egg combination which could ‘naturally’ develop as do fetuses in the ordinary course of pregnancy within a womb; and if a man were willing to have surgery (“a Cesarean section”) when doctors determine the baby needs liberation from ‘his’ womb (since there is no vaginal canal through which the baby could travel for delivery)…

Man successfully gives birth to baby through his pen*s

Questions to the seemingly rhetorical questions have been supplied. As it goes, YES! It could be possible for a man to carry a baby and give birth using surgery as many women do, however unlikely the prospect seems today. This video has proven that without the surgery of some sort, men can actually give birth. Oh now I’m scared…through his penis? I can’t imagine anything right now as I am still trying to figure out how technology works. There’s absolutely no much details about this video or who made it or what the hell it’s all about or why they did it, but it basically features the man giving birth through his penis.

It’s very creepy, gross and definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work), so don’t watch it if you’re in polite company. Kinda graphic too. See video below…

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Recall that in 20017, Thomas Beatie became the first man to give birth after he kept his female reproductive organs when he transitioned to male, others such as American transgender man Nick Bowser have also given birth. A 20-year-old British man, Hayden Cross, also put his gender transition on hold to have a baby after finding a sperm donor on social media and he became the first UK male to give birth according to The Sun.

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