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NIgerians drag Desmond Elliot While Comparing him with Bobi Wine

Nigerians on Twitter Drag Desmond Elliot

Nigerians drag Desmond Elliott while comparing him to Bobi Wine

-Desmond Elliot is currently trending on Twitter

-The Politician has been compared with Ugandan Presidential candidate Bobi Wine

-Many disagree that Elliot has the same will power as Wine

As most Nigerian celebrities get their day to be dragged on Twitter, today happens to be for Desmond Elliot.

Elliot has been compared with Ugandan reggae singer, Bobi Wine who is contesting for the post of president.

Bobi who is 38 years old is battling the incumbent president of Ugandan, Yoweri Museveni who has been in power since 1986.

While some Nigerians have compared Elliot with Bobi Wine due to both of them being young politicians, Many have disagreed stating that Desmond does not have the same will power.

Some of the popular tweets can be seen below.

Desmond Elliot DraggedDesmond Elliot DraggedDesmond Elliot DraggedDesmond Elliot DraggedDesmond Elliot Dragged

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