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Unraveling Necrophilia: Shocking Things that People Do to Dead Bodies

Unraveling Necrophilia: Shocking Things that People Do to Dead Bodies

In the 90s a notorious American serial killer Jeffery Dahmer admitted to having sex with some of his victims after their death.

Jeffery Dahmer

This sounds disturbing, right? Why would some want to have any form of sex with a dead person?

Weirdly enough, this is not an isolated incident, because this incident has happened several times over the years.

In fact, it is so common that there is a name for it- “Necrophilia”.


What is Necrophilia?

Necrophilia or Necrophilism is the sexual attraction of people towards corpses. It can also be regarded as the act of having sex with a dead person.

The World Health Organisation classified necrophilism as a paraphilia in its classification of disease.

Paraphilia is a psychiatric disorder where people are attracted to unusual objects.

Based on this, Necrophilism can be regarded as a disorder or a psychiatric illness.

Just to be clear, most countries have jurisdictions against Necrophilism, although others do not and perpetrators sometimes get away with the crime.

According to research by Rosman and Resnick (1989), Necrophilism can be classified into 3 types- Necrophilic homicide, Regular necrophilia, and Necrophilic fantasy.

Types of Necrophilia

  1. Necrophilic homicide: This type of necrophilia occurs when a person kills others and obtains their bodies for sexual purposes.
  2. Regular necrophilia: This is when a person performs a sexual act on already dead people.
  3. Necrophilic fantasy: This is when a person fantasizes about performing sexual acts on dead bodies but doesn’t actually carry it out.

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Cases of Necrophilia

Popular English DJ and presenter Jimmy Savile once testified to co-workers that he was a necrophiliac.

Jimmy Savile

The celebrity had free access to the mortuary in the 1970s to the mid-1990s, and a former Broadmoor nurse claimed that Savile boasted about performing sexual acts on the bodies.

In 2006, another case of necrophilism occurred in US state Wisconsin.

Three men were caught while attempting to dig out the dead body of a woman to have sex with it. The three were charged to court for their crimes.

There was also a popular case of Necrophilism in India. In 2006, serial killers Surendra Koli and Mohinder Singh Pandher were arrested after 19 girls went missing.

It was later discovered that the two didn’t just kill the girls but also had sex with their corpses.

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