61-year-old Married Man Wears Skirt and Heels to Work

61-year-old Married Man Wears Skirt and Heels to Work

  • Mark Bryan, an American robotics engineer who lives in Germany has shocked everyone with his mode of dressing
  • The 61-year-old father of 3 made it to the internet after pictures of him wearing women clothing to work were shared
  • Various photos have emerged where the man wears skirt and high heels to prove that clothes shouldn’t be gendered

One father of three has shocked the internet with his mode of dressing.

Mark Bryan, an American robotics engineer living in Germany reportedly wears heels and skirts to work with the aim of proving that “clothes have no gender”.

Bryan shared his shocking mode of dressing on his viral Instagram page , @MarkBryan911.

According to the bio on his IG page, the 61-year-old claimed to be straight and happily married.

His bio also states that:

“He loves Porsche’s, beautiful women and incorporating high heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe.”

Among Bryan’s daily wardrobe are red pumps, plaid miniskirts, pencil skirts, and suede boots.

On why this man wears skirt and heels and not dresses, he said:

“I prefer skirts to dresses. Dresses don’t allow me to mix the genders. I prefer a ‘masculine look above the waist and a non-gendered look below the waist.”

Asides from his job as a robotics engineer, Bryan coaches football part-time.

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He disclosed that his love for this mode of dressing began in high school with an old flame when they would both dance in high heels.

Man wears Skirt

He revealed that his wife often helps him pick out the clothes he wears while his daughters often wish they can borrow his shoes.

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