Funny School Names In Nigeria That Will Have You Rolling on the Floor

Funny School Names In Nigeria That Will Have You Rolling on the Floor

Naming a business or any organization might seem like an easy task until it’s time for you to do so.

We should all be able to attest to this because while growing up, some of us attended primary and secondary schools with the weirdest names.

I know you’re already laughing thinking about a few that you remember, especially if you attended a school in a village.

Well, Naija FM is set to make you laugh more as we drop some funny school names that we have been able to gather.

1. Defeat Corruption International SCH

Funny school names

Considering Nigeria’s high rate of corruption, I think it must be mandated for everyone to go to this school.

Who will volunteer to take their child here? I personally have done my research and the school fee is affordable.

2. Corona Private School

During this pandemic will you be willing to let your child go to this school?

3. Olodo Grammer School

When you thought you have seen funny school names here comes the master of them all.

Let’s hope that the teachers of this school don’t follow the meaning of the name in their curriculum.

4. Facebook Nursery and Primary School

Does Mark Zuckerberg know that his company has a school in Nigeria?

I wonder what they teach the students of this school? Probably how to use Facebook.

5. Ashawo High School

There really is a school for everything in Nigeria. I have a million questions about this name but I just want to know what the owner was thinking.

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6. President Barack Obama

If Mark Zuckerberg has a school why can’t the former president of the United States not also have one in Nigeria?

You can try this school out if you’re planning to raise the next black US President.

7. Tiny Tits School

Na wa o. You really thought you had seen all the funny school names?

Admission is still in progress, in case anyone wants the connect.

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