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Farting Queen: Woman Makes N13 Million From Farting on the Internet

Farting Queen: Woman Makes N13 Million From Farting on the Internet

  • A self-declared “farting queen” has revealed that she made £18,000 by farting on the internet
  • Lush Botanist got into the hustle of farting for entertainment after someone online asked her to fart
  • Botanist charges her clients £123 per fart and has adjusted her diet to get better and more frequent farts

A woman Lush Botanist has declared herself the “farting queen” of the internet after raking in thousands in pounds from letting out gas.

Botanist opened up about her weird hustle in a documentary with Channel 4, stating that she started after a person persuaded her to.

Her fart video became one of her most popular videos on the internet then she decided to charge people to watch her fart.

While speaking to Channel 4, she disclosed that so far she has made £18,100 from breaking wind, while charging £123 for each fart.

Botanist has gone a step further to adjust her diet so that she can get better quality farts.

“Parmesan makes my farts smell extra sulphur,”

She revealed

She perches right in front of the microphone to make the fart sound better.

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Lush has taken her niche even further by farting inside containers and sending them out to customers.

The farting queen has also disclosed that she sells fart lollipops. These are created when she farts on regular lollipops and offers them to fans.

Farting queen

Who needs OnlyFans, only fart is here to stay.

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