Lekki Massacre: Deji Adeyanju submit names to US for Visa-ban

The United States has confirmed its willingness to invoke a visa ban on antidemocratic forces that have a hand in the Lekki Massacre. No fewer than 18 youths were killed according to Sahara Reporters.

But the government denied any such shooting. A statement by the Nigerian army claimed that the videos of shooting making the rounds were doctored to give the government a bad name.

Deji Adeyanju, one of the key supporters of the ENDSARS protests revealed that he has compiled the names of all politicians connected to the Lekki shooting to the US for possible visa ban.

He revealed that the US was willing to issue a visa ban on those involved in the Lekki Massacre. Many petitions for visa-ban have been submitted awaiting approval.

Recall that the US had issued a similar visa ban on election riggers sparking outrage and protest letters from politicians affected.

The Lekki Massacre is one incident that will remain in the minds of Nigerians for a long time despite efforts by the government to turn a blind eye to the incident.

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