Breaking: Anonymous Quits ENDSARS Protest!

The past few weeks saw the reign of the most notorious cybercriminal in Nigeria history. Anonymous reigned on social media and quickly drew many followers among the youths.

But on Saturday, Anonymous announced on his official Facebook page that he is withdrawing from the ENDSARS protest because Nigerians were not appreciative of his efforts.

After hacking series of government agency social media accounts and doing giveaways to many Nigerians they were offended by a comment made by one Nigerian.

A lady named Cynthia has replied to one of their post saying that Anonymous talks too much but does little to carry out his threats which included the hacking of various banks and private accounts of top politicians in Nigeria.

Anonymous felt offended by her comment and decided to pull out of the ENDSARS protest. Many Nigerians begged them to remain but it seems that they are ready to move on. He made it known that he will be focusing on the United State Presidential election which is a few days away.

Many people have been shocked by the new development. It has sparked fears that the departure of Anonymous will weaken the ENDSARS campaign. This is coming at a time when protesters are trying to regroup.

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