Instagram Faces Investigation Over Impact on Children

Instagram Faces Investigation Over Impact on Children

  • A group in the United States is set to investigate how Instagram targets children on its platform
  • The aim of the investigation is to find out if consumer protection laws were broken by the social media company
  • The investigation comes after a whistleblower from inside the company testified that Meta (Facebook) knew that its product could affect children

A group made up of both Democrat and Republican states is set to investigate how Instagram and parent company Meta (Facebook) targets children.

The aim of the investigation is to determine if the company broke any consumer protection laws after a whistleblower alleged that Facebook was aware of its product’s damaging effects on children.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey who announced the investigation, stated that Meta has known that Instagram is linked to depression and suicide among young people.

The Democrat revealed that the inquiry will discover if any laws were broken and “end the abuse” by Meta for good.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson who is a Republican also said:

“These companies treat our children as mere commoditisation  to manipulate for longer screen time engagement and data extraction”.

Facebook, the parent company of both Instagram and WhatsApp changed its name to Meta after a series of terrible allegations by a whistleblower.

Only in September, Instagram had to cancel plans for a children application after they were urged by a group of attorney generals to do so.


Responding to the allegations leveled against the company, Meta spokesman released a statement calling them false and a “deep misunderstanding of facts”.

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