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Terrible Losses for Nigeria as Twitter Ban Passes 100 Days

Terrible Losses for Nigeria as Twitter Ban Passes 100 Days

  • Nigeria has lost more than $360 million in economic revenue as the Twitter ban reaches 100 days, Netblocks has revealed
  • Statcounter has also disclosed that the microblogging platform has lost 21% of its market share in the social media industry
  • The government earlier revealed that it is still in negotiation with Twitter to resolve the dispute and make the platform accessible in Nigeria

It’s been more than 100 days since the federal government of Nigeria issued as suspension on the use of Microblogging platform Twitter in Nigeria.

Lai Mohammed

The country’s Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed claimed that the platform is being used to carry out activities that limit the corporate existence of Nigeria.

A report by Netblocks has revealed that Nigeria has lost more than 217 billion Naira ($360 million) in revenue since the start of the Twitter ban.

This has been calculated based on an average loss of $250,600 every hour for 2400 hours.

Twitter ban

Speaking to journalists in Lagos to mark the 100 days of Twitter ban, the Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative, Gbenga Sesan has stated that the ban is illegal.

“Suspending twitter in Nigeria is illegal, and we are saying it categorically, as we expect the court to support what we have said because the order to suspend the telecommunications companies was not done with a court warrant.”

Meanwhile, Nigeria is not the only one on the losing side. The microblogging platform has lost about 23.44 percent out of its 25.52 percent market share in the country.

A report from Statcounter indicated this, showing that other platforms like Facebook and Instagram have gained massively from Twitter’s losses.

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Many Nigerians have urged the government to review the ban and lift it to avoid further losses in the country.

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