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Accused Student Denies Molesting Don-Davies of Deeper Life School

As the Deeper Life School saga continues, one of the accused student has denied bullying, molesting Don-Davies

Shalom Omoniyi, an SS2 student who claimed to be Don-Davies bunkmate for two weeks denied the accusations.

Don-Davies, 11, had accused two schoolmates of bullying and molesting him in a boarding house at Deeper Life School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Shalom Omoniyi, one of the students who allegedly bullied and molested 11-year-old Don Davies Archibong in Deeper Life School has denied the allegation brought against him.

Mr and Mrs Iniobong Archibong had through their legal representative wrote to the school that Shalom and another hostel mate, Ola sexually molesting their son, bulling him as well because he bed wets. .13-years-old Shalom while narrating his account of the incident denied ever involving in bullying and molestation of the victim or anyone else.

According to Shalom, him and Ola were instructed to help Don-Davies, a junior student keep himself clean, given that Mr Joseph, the housemaster of the junior hostel was in sick leave. Shalom further explained that he and Oka only reprimanded Don-Davies whenever he fails to clean himself after defecating or peeing on himself over the night.

Shalom stated that he would instruct Don-Davies to clean himself up and east his cloth, but often times he would not oblige. Don-Davies

Regardless, Shalom insisted that there was never a case IG him bullying Don-Davies or asexually molesting him while they shared bunk in the hostel.

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