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A missing 9-year-old South African girl, Boipelo found dead in her Neighbor’s wardrobe

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The decaying body of a 9-year-old South African girl, Boipelo Sesele has been found in the wardrobe of her neighbor. The incident is reported to have happened at Gelukkwaarts in Free State, South Africa. The girl had gone missing since September 1, when she was last seeing playing with her friend.

Her 6-year-old friend stated that Boipelo was lured by a man to “look for change”. After her disappearance, a search party was organized and it lasted for twelve days. Kids in the neighborhood raised alarm about a bad smell that was coming from a shack close to the little girl’s home.

The search party went to this shack and was able to force it open after which they found the body of Boipelo. The owner of this shack, Rasta was attacked when he arrived at the scene. The mob even went as far as attacking the police officers who tried to protect him.

A leader in the community, Morena Thebe revealed that Rasta was part of the search party who volunteered to find Boipelo after her disappearance. She also stated that it is possible that the suspect did that to keep tabs on them and ensure that he was not found.

Boipelo has since been laid to rest on Wednesday, September 16


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