Nengi lashes out at Ozo, tells him to leave her alone (video)

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Things seem to be going wrong in Ozo and Nengi’s relationship after the Duo got into an argument, with she telling him to leave her alone.

During the weekly party which holds on Saturday, Ozo was seen trying to get close to Nengi. However, the reaction was not to be expected as she visibly lashed out and told him to leave her alone. She also stated that she does not need “His stupid love”.

Earlier in the day, there was a misunderstanding between the duo when he expressed his displeasure about her eating the last piece of chicken when they were having lunch. This got her angry, as she left for the bathroom immediately. It is believed that this is the reason for the argument during the party.

Nengi wanting to maintain her distance from Ozo asked Big Brother to allow her to leave the party because she didn’t want to be anywhere close to him.


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