This Meme, “Disaster Girl” Has Been Sold For $473,000

This Meme, “Disaster Girl” Has Been Sold For $473,000

This Meme, “Disaster Girl” Has Been Sold For $473,000

  • Zoe Roth a 21-year-old college student has sold her viral meme for $473,000 to fund her tuition fees

  • The young woman sold the meme as a Non-fungible token (NFT) during an auction on Thursday

  • The photograph was taken by Dave Roth, her father during a controlled burn of a property in their neighborhood

Imagine selling a photo from your childhood for N236,000? Well, someone did.

You must have seen this meme of a kid with a devilish smirk close to a burning building.

Disaster Girl
Disaster Girl Meme

The meme, commonly known as the “Disaster girl” meme has been sold for $473,000 during an auction.

You’d find this meme on social media being used to depict mischief of disaster.

How was the photo taken?

Zoe and her father, Dave Roth had gone to see a controlled burn of a property in their neighborhood.

Dave took a photo of his daughter smiling mischievously in front of the burning building.

The image has since gone viral and it was sold for 180 Ethereum during an auction on Thursday.

Acceptance of NFTs has been on a rise, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey auctioning his first tweet, along with Elon Musk auctioning a song of his.

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Do you have anything that you feel others will be glad to have? You can also sell it as an NFT.

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