Africa is Short of COVID Vaccine – African Union

Africa is Short of COVID Vaccine - African Union

Africa is Short of COVID Vaccine – African Union

  • African Union (AU) has admitted that the goal of vaccinating 60% of the continent’s population by 2022 may not be feasible.

  • Africa’s shortage of COVID vaccine comes at a time when a new wave of infection is on the rise

  • Nigeria with a population of over 200 million people has seen just 0.1% of the population get fully vaccinated

Africa is greatly behind in the global race to defeat COVID-19 according to the African COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Access Strategy of the African Union (AU).

Doubt has been cast over the continent’s goal of vaccinating at least 60% of its population by 2022 as another wave of the virus arises.

The Center for Disease Control in Africa (CDC) has also reported that only a small portion of global COVID Vaccine supplies are being delivered into the country.

According to a tracker by Johns Hopkins University, only 0.1% of the population in Nigeria have received complete doses of the vaccine, despite having over 200 million residents.

In Kenya, COVID cases have gotten so severe in the urban areas that the country had to recall doses that we’re sent to rural towns.

In a recent interview, Africa CDC Director Dr John Nkengasong called on wealthy nations to share spare vaccines with African countries.

One of the nations to have heeded this call is the United States of America.

The Biden administration promised to share 25 million doses of vaccine with countries in South America, Central America, Asia and Africa.

About 5 million doses of those vaccines will be headed to Africa to relieve countries in need.

COVID vaccine

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However, with over 700 million doses of COVID vaccine required by the continent to reach its target, we might be in for a rough ride.

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