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Mansa Musa of Mali: Meet the Richest Man to Ever Live

Mansa Musa of Mali: Meet the Richest Man to Ever Live

Mansa Musa of Mali: Meet the Richest Man to Ever Live

  • Not Jeff Bezos, not John D. Rockefeller, 14th-Century Mansa Musa of Mali was the richest man to ever live

  • Musa ruled the Malian empire controlling resources like Gold and Salt

  • The wealth of the emperor has been estimated to be in the excess of $400 bn

When it comes to wealth, the first names on most people’s minds are Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk but these are only billionaires of modern times.

What if you told you that there was someone much richer than any of these billionaires. Who’s he? Man’s Musa of Mali.

Mansa Musa of Mali

History of Mansa Musa of Mali

Born in 1280, Mansa Musa was the ruler of Timbuktu (Malian kingdom).


Then Emperor acquired the majority of his wealth from the production and trade of salt and Gold.

At the time of his reign, his empire was responsible for more than half the world’s supply of salt and gold.

Several ancient mosques in west Africa were built on the back of Mansa Musa’s wealth.

Display of Wealth

Mansa Musa was a devout Muslim in a Muslim majority community. In 1324, he set off on a journey to mecca for his pilgrimage, giving the world a chance of a glimpse at his wealth.

The journey was over 4,000 miles and this emperor wasn’t set to go alone.

Musa travelled with a caravan that included tens of thousands of soldiers and slaves carrying golden staffs and wearing Persian silk.

The huge entourage also carried along hundreds of pounds of gold, dropping some of his enormous wealth while passing through Egypt on his voyage.

Where was the empire of the emperor?

Mansa Musa of Mali had an empire that spanned territories like modern-day Chad, Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, and Mauritania.

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Mansa Musa’s wealth today

When adjusted for inflation, Mansa Musa was the richest person to ever live.

His inflation-adjusted worth is $400 billion, more than John D. Rockefeller’s $340 billion.

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