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5 Oldest Buildings in Nigeria

5 Oldest Buildings in Nigeria

5 Oldest Buildings in Nigeria

  • A country’s oldest buildings are a huge part of its cultural heritage

  • India has the Taj Mahal and Italy has the Roman Forum

  • Find out the oldest buildings in Nigeria, in this article

All over the world, there are many historic buildings that people visit because they hold huge cultural significance.

The Taj Mahal and Himeji Castle are all nice places to visit but what if I told you that Nigeria has buildings that are just as historic.

In this article, find out the 5 oldest buildings in Nigeria.

First Storey Building in Nigeria

Way back as 1845, Nigeria had a storey building erected. This was hugely significant because it hadn’t been done before.

This building was used as a primary school by the Methodist Church and it also housed the first African Church Missionary Society.

Oba of Benin Palace

This ancient building was constructed as far back as the 13th century.

This site is among the legacy of the great Benin Empire, one of West Africa’s greatest.

Gobarau Minaret in Katsina

This ancient construction below is the Gobarau Minaret in Katsina. According to reports, the building is over 700 years old.

Oldest Buildings in Nigeria

It was constructed between 1348-1408 AD. The 50 ft building was used as a vantage point to spot incoming enemies.

First Presbyterian Church in Calabar

The First Presbyterian Church was founded in Calabar in 1846 by Rev. Hope Masterson Maddell.

It was a home for European missionaries and colonialists and it is among the lasting legacies of missionary work in Nigeria.

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Lagos Colonial Secretariat

In the heart of Lagos lies one of the oldest buildings in Nigeria and West Africa.

The building was a power bloc of the English colonizers. It is famous for its twin tower setup, which was used as a guard for security.

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