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5 Tips To Stay Safe When Going For a Job Interview

5 Tips To Stay Safe When Going For a Job Interview

5 Tips To Stay Safe When Going For a Job Interview

  • Are you going for a job interview? One of your major concerns apart from getting the job should be your security

  • The high rate of scam interviews makes it paramount to put your safety first

  • Discover 5 things that you can do to stay safe when going for a job interview in an unknown place

The state of the country has made it important for everyone to be security conscious while moving around every day.


Recently, there have been reports of numerous scam interviews which happened to be coverups for extortion or kidnapping.

In this article, you can learn 5 ways to stay safe when going for a job interview.

Research the company

Before applying for a job, one of the first things you should do is research the company and find details about them.

Ensure that they are legit by asking friends about them and checking on the internet.

Avoid interviews that you didn’t apply for

There have been numerous reports of people getting invitations to job interviews that they didn’t apply for.

Avoid such interviews because most of them are attempts at luring people to lose money or get kidnapped.

Remove your full address from your CV

When applying for a job, your employer doesn’t need to know your full address but only your area of residence.

Avoid revealing full details of your house. Instead of No 8, Masongroove, Ikeja Lagos, use only “Ikeja Lagos” and other details can be shared later.

Ask a family member or a friend to accompany you

When going for an interview in an unknown area, it is advisable to ask your friend or a family member to accompany you.

There is strength in numbers and help from another person might just be what you need to escape if something goes wrong.

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Inform your friend and share your location

WhatsApp and many social media applications come with features that allow you to share your exact location with others.

The best part is that you don’t need to put your data on for people to know the exact location after it has been shared.

Sharing your location makes it easy for people to find you if you fail to report back after some time.

Watch this video below to learn how to share your location on WhatsApp.

You can share this with your friends and family to keep them safe.

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