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Three Persons Killed As Amotekun Clash With Youths in Oyo

Three persons have reportedly died in a bloody clash between members of Amotekun and indigenous youths in Tapa, Oyo State.

Report had it that the incident was as a result of the local leadership of Amotekiun insistence that a carnival organised by the youth would hold given the restriction within the state

The disagreement degenerated into a fiasco, leading to the death of at least three people


Following the reported clashes between youths and Amotekun operatives at Tapa in Oyo State three persons have be  allegedly killed.

The fight was ignited when the regional security agency attempted to stop the youths in organising street carnivals which has been banned in the state.

Information available indicated that some officers of the security outfit attempted to restrain the youths which resulted to fightback by the youths.

A source narrated that in the process of stopping the carnival, some of the youth started throwing stones at the Amotekun operatives who in return opened fire at them, killing three people instantly in the process.

When contacted, Retired Col Olayinka Olayanju disclose that he was on his way to the location , hence he can not respond to questions.

Meanwhile, we reported that Mrs Yemisi Edun has just been appointed as the acting Managing Director of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) after being an executive director on the bank’s board.

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