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Hey ladies and gentlemen… hope your day is going on well because I wont lie, mine aint going well at all… Ghaskiaaa!!!. This Buhari regime just sucks things up for hustlers. I mean for days now, I haven’t had light to browse and conduct my businesses from the comfort of my home. As I type, I am sitting in a small saloon down my street with my lappy positioned on top of a stool under the scorching sun. Sweat dutifully strolling through my armpits and my face. Omo, the suffer no be here!

dj cuppy And just when…?

Did dj Cuppy, the daughter of Nigeria’s billionaire, Femi Otedola showcase her birthday gift of a White G-wagon given to her by her boyfriend, Victor Anichebe, a former West Brom player sef? Four days i think even though, someone told me;

Abeg na lie jor, which kind boyfriend buy her car…Na she buy herself the car make the guys stop to dey disturb her.

I wan laff die when I heard my friend say so. You know poverty is a bastard ba? It will make you never believe anything that seems a bit to extraordinary! So, I wouldn’t blame anyone who thinks in the direction of my friend.

By the way, why I brought up Dj Cuppy’s gist is because I just reasoned that if I had a boyfriend like DJ Cuppy’s…Mstcheeeeeew  by now, I for don dey lounge kadgadilly for my guy house na because AC plus 24hrs light must dey …you understand! No be chewing gum boyfriend dey buy motor for girlfriend these days in this recession naaa! Be happy if you get transport from ordinary guy now!

DJ cuppy and Victor AnichebeInstead, I am here under the watch of the saloon owner who periodically laments her tales of woe to me. And just because I am using her light, I need to cooperate and nod my head even when my mind is not there or else, she fit lock shop tomorrow, you no go see light use!


So, today as I came to charge my gadgets and her radio was set on one of the radio stations in Abuja. I heard one of my favorite presenters make a “battle for superiority” between two young and fast revolutionary Naija artistes:  The Jerry curl, Korede Bello (20yrs) from the Mavin records and the Pink lips, Kiss Daniel (22yrs) from G-World entertainment. Both artistes are handsome and they have their unique style and they have huge following on all social media platforms. Their music cuts across the younger generation and they rose to fame in a blink of an eye but then the question that popped through my head when I listened on and weighed these guys on my mind was:

korede bello vs kiss danielKOREDE BELLO Vs KISS DANIEL

“Who among the Korede Bello and Kiss Daniel has the tendency to last longer and not fade in time?’ I don’t even want to ask who does it better in terms of delivery and content. Like that’s so cliché. Who does that?

So, hit me the comment button and lets deliberate and give reasons why you think either Korede Bello or Kiss Daniel would last longer in the entertainment scene longer than the other. If you come up with the best reasons, you might just go home with N1500  worth of airtime courtesy of Naija.FM.

Lets get ready to rumbleeee…!


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