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Have you ever Imagined how your life would be in a world without music?

In John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” he asks that you imagine no Heaven or Hell, no countries or religion, and no possessions and then states that it’s easy if you try. Just how easy would it be to imagine a world without music?

Stop for a moment and think about how many places music touches you on an hourly basis. Imagine waking up, getting ready for work, driving to work, being at your desk, checking Facebook, going to a favorite lunch spot, all without music. Think about how this would drastically change your world.

TV programs or movies wouldn’t have music to support the visuals with sonic emotions. Worship…no music to express the inexpressible. Sport events with no music to jack up the fans and rally the team. Parties without the sounds that get people moving and smiling.

Its crazy, I can’t even imagine a world like that.


In the 1998 movie “Pleasantville,” the world was like a 1958 sitcom of black and white. There were no colors—none! Everything was black and white and as people started to discover color, they become shunned and branded as disgraceful.

I suspect this is what a world would be like without music.

A world where people just move to the rhythm of their heartbeat only believing that no other sound would be more alluring to listen to.

A world just as similar as a man dry humping his woman with no juice to make his motion greasy. Since porn in the 1970s would not have featured music, there would be no familiar “bow chic-a wow-wow” ingrained in our culture. Playfully referencing porn from that era in a public setting would become way more difficult. Not impossible, just difficult. It would probably involve an elaborate series of pantomimes that indicated bushy pubic hair, bushier upper lips, and poor film stock.

A world where no harmonious notes can be tied to a particular event or moment when one fell in love. It will be a darker world where nothing is there soothingly enough to help you hang in on a thread when you are in despair. And oops how can anyone communicate with the higher being without being teleported into the astral plane of life through the sound of music?

Pianos would simply be seen as overly elaborate coffee tables. With no strings, the keys would be rendered nearly pointless, existing only to entertain owners who enjoyed compulsively pushing them in the same way that they might enjoy popping bubble wrap.

Clubs would be almost as weird as they are now. A bunch of people would get dressed up and pack into an unpleasant location, then dance with one another in near silence. With no music, the only sounds would be those of several hundred feet shuffling and stomping, with an occasional cough echoing through the hall.



Nollywood movies would be way worse. Without cues from a soundtrack, viewers would have no way of knowing when a character said something that was inspirational, or when a dramatic moment was happening, or when two characters kissed. Mr Ibu would hold a boombox over his head until the love of his life happened to look out the window, and then the two would stare at one another in silence until the credits rolled.

In the absence of shitty bass music that hasn’t changed since the early 90s, you might think that attention-starved folks would have no reason to turn their cars into mobile sonic apocalypses capable of forcing everyone within five miles to listen to a repetitious and tuneless muffled rattling. You would be wrong. Those car sound systems would be every bit as loud as they are right now. The bass would be every bit as prominent and terrible. Instead of music, however, those cars would blast out the amplified voices of Vic O and Davido. hehe

If you have a chance to visit a world without music via a Nigerian wizard’s portal, don’t go. It seems like a really stupid place. Also, you don’t even know that wizard. Don’t be so eager to go along with his ideas.

And what about you? Why do you love music? What is your motivation for playing? Do you tie particular songs with life events? When certain songs play are you instantly transported to where you were when you first heard it, or the first person you loved, or a milestone event where the song played?

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