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DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment, how she succeeds in male dominated industry

DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment, how she succeeds in male dominated industry

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Popular Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy, has shed more light on how she is able to succeed in a male dominated industry. DJ Cuppy, who is also a daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, was a guest at the Pulse studio recently where she also aired her views on the rampant sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and her relationships with other female artist. DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment.

Speaking of how she is able to succeed in a male dominated industry, DJ Cuppy said, “Not to put down all the men watching on Pulse, I feel like men just have too much ego and I feel like realizing this just helps you. I have deejayed for gigs and have had male DJs perform before me or after me, I let them do their thing, I’m not trying to be the biggest person there. It’s a bit like dating someone, you just kinda pretend to make them feel more important or more valued.

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DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment

DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment“It’s really difficult being a woman because a lot of times we have to work twice hard to achieve half. I have seen this happen every day, all my managers are females, my interns are females, we have to kick down doors to make things happen so, I have learned to kind of accept and I think like Tiwa Savage said something along the line about how it is.”

She also explained, “I met people as a strong confident, young female DJ, it really put people off as a young and black, it was really scaring people. So, I have learned to make people feel comfortable because most times it’s like people don’t like confident women, it’s almost like it scares them.”

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When asked about the new revelations of sexual harassment scandals rocking the Hollywood industry and if there are incidents like that in the Nigeria entertainment industry, DJ Cuppy gave her own account which she feels was a very horrible experience.

DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment“This is such a sensitive thing over here, it’s more like a taboo, even outside the entertainment industry there is so much domestic abuse going out there and people don’t confront it. I definitely can imagine if that goes on for entertainment, it must be really horrible to go through I can’t imagine how painful it is to go through that.

“Imagine feeling trapped like they aren’t going to play my music anymore or I’m not going to get bookings or shows anymore just because I’m exposing that person, that must be horrible. It’s tough but I feel like things are changing, we are really modernizing slowly as a society and I feel like anyone going through this might get more support than they think.”

DJ Cuppy shed more light on the relationship Nigeria female artists have between themselves which she explained isn’t so cordial but that she is working hard to bring everybody together.

DJ Cuppy talks sexual harassment“I do have female fans and I call them cupcakes and a lot of them are very young and they look at me like someone, I went through my education, I haven’t had any scandals and I’m still following my dreams, I’m still in entertainment but I’m living a balanced lifestyle. Having moved back to Nigeria, I’m really seeing the issues between a lot of female artists that’s why I really really really want to be the one to bring back together. I’m friends and cordial with a lot of the female artist even with the female DJs, I’m cool with Nana and super cool with Lambo. I feel like I really don’t know what the issue is, maybe I am different, she revealed.

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