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Darey Art Alade His Golden Secret To His 10years Old Marriage


In the midst of marital struggles in the enclosed world of celebrities, there are a good few who are still keeping their love life safe and out of the claws of onlookers and bloggers. Darey Art Alade is one of them. He recently just celebrated 10 years in marriage and that’s from my calculation, a decade of love. This is quite commendable and worthy of emulation.  Remarkably so as Fans have started accepting the belief that celebrity marriages never last a lifetime.

Darey Art Alade is blessed with two beautiful children by his wife, Deola Ayeni. She is age-wise older than him by 8years. This is astounding as you would never know because she does a good job of looking ageless!
Nevertheless, Darey has this to say about marriage:


“We have been married for 10years now and i thank God for his grace. One of the secrets to a successful marriage is to always put your family first and spend time with them. The tongue and teeth fight but still in the same mouth. Nobody has a perfect relationship but it is how you manage yourself that is important. Once you start involving the public or different people, it gets a bit difficult. I didn’t get married because i want to count 50years or what people will say about me, i got married for myself”

darey art alade


Taking a retrospect look at what he said in a 2015 about what makes him happy, you will know that when it comes to his family, Darey Art Alade takes it serious and does mean business.
He captioned “When asked the question, “What Makes you happy”, my response is simply – Family.

 family has been such a tremendous support system in my life’s journey. My wonderful wife who has been my backbone of love and support, and who continues to push me to be a better person each day. My kids, who never cease to put a smile in my heart, and who believe that their father is Super Man (still looking for a cape that actually works lol) I am thankful to have them in my life, and I wake up each day looking forward to being the best husband and dad to my family – More than family, they are my biggest fans!”

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