Nissan and Toyota Metaverse: Japanese Carmakers Join VR Race

Nissan and Toyota Metaverse: Japanese Carmakers Join VR Race

  • Two Japanese carmakers, Nissan and Toyota have announced the launch of operations on the viral metaverse.
  • Nissan announced the launch of a virtual showroom, which can be used to host the launch of vehicles and other company events.
  • The Toyota metaverse entry will come in the form of VR workspaces which employees can use to hold meetings.

Making metaverse entries has become a trend among major companies. On April 22, 2022, Japanese automakers, Nissan and Toyota became the latest business corporations to join the metaverse.


According to a report by Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia, both companies have positioned themselves for takeoff in the virtual world by establishing a metaverse presence.

Nissan has created a virtual reality version of its Tokyo gallery, Nissan Crossing. This gallery is typically used by the company for vehicle launches and other major announcements. The company’s website reveals some stunning plans that it has lined up with the aid of its augmented reality interface, Invisible-to-Visible. The AR interface will reportedly connect with the metaverse and create “limitless possibilities for services and communication”. It is also set to transform modern-day driving and make it more convenient and exciting.

Making the metaverse entry along with Nissan is Toyota, one of the world’s largest carmakers by volume. Unlike Nissan, the Toyota metaverse plan revolves around the creation of a more relaxing environment for workers.  The company is reported to have launched virtual workstations for employees. With this metaverse workstation, workers will be able to take part in meetings and communicate with each other using avatars.

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According to Nikkie Asia’s report, the VR workspaces are already being utilized by technical development and HR teams at Toyota.

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The entry of these automobile giants follows similar announcements by Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz to integrate metaverse technology with their businesses.

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