Deltacron: New Covid Strain Discovered in Cyprus

Deltacron: New Covid Strain Discovered in Cyprus

  • A new strain of Covid 19 called “Deltacron” has been discovered in Cyprus
  • The strain reportedly combines the infection of the Delta and the Omicron variants of the virus
Scientists are yet to determine if the new strain is more contagious or deadly than the Omicron variant

Scientists in Cyprus have identified a new strain of Covid called “Deltacron”, which combines both the Omicron and Delta variants.


Professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus Leonidos Kostrikis has disclosed that the strain has similar genomes to Omicron and Delta.

Leonidos Kostrikis and his team identified 25 cases of the hybrid variant and are currently assessing the impact, according to Bloomberg.

Out of the identified people with the variant, 11 were patients that had already been hospitalized with the variant while 14 were among the public.

The findings of the scientists have been forwarded to the GISAID, an international database that tracks viruses.

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Most Covid infections involve one mutant strain, but in rare cases, two strains of the virus can strike at the same time.

If the strains infect the same cell, they may be able to make a new version of the virus, as is with the Deltacron strain.

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