Elon Musk Argues that Neuralink is Better than the Metaverse

Elon Musk Argues that Neuralink is Better than the Metaverse

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk has criticized the Metaverse, claiming that his project Neuralink is better longterm
  • The world’s richest man argued that most people will not want to walk around with a VR headset strapped to their face all-day
  • The billionaire likened the metaverse to having a TV on the face, which could ruin the eyesight

The world’s richest man Elon Musk has voiced his lack of support for the Metaverse ecosystem, claiming that Neuralink is better.

Elon Musk

While speaking in a recent interview with Babylon Bee, Musk stated that he doesn’t buy into the idea of the Metaverse.

“I don’t know if I necessarily buy into this metaverse stuff, although people talk to me a lot about it… I’m currently unable to see a compelling metaverse situation or Web 3 sounds like more marketing than reality. I don’t get it, and maybe I will, but I don’t get it yet.”

The SpaceX boss argued that he doesn’t see a future where people would want to leave a physical world and live in a virtual one.

He pointed out the warning most people got growing up about the tendency of TVs to run the eyesight while likening the Metaverse to a TV strapped to the face.

During his criticism of the Metaverse, Musk opined that his neurotechnology company, Neuralink will provide better access to virtual reality.

The company which was founded by Musk is focused on deploying brain implants on humans to restore and improve physical abilities through computers.


The Metaverse was not the only victim of Elon Musk’s criticism as he also took time to slam Web3.

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