iPhone 13: Latest Features Revealed

iPhone 13: Latest Features Revealed

iPhone 13: Latest Features Revealed

-Pictures of Apple’s iPhone 13 popped up online which has gotten people talking about the future device

-Popular YouTuber Filip Koroy has revealed upgrades that fans can look forward to from the iPhone 12.

-The pictures of the device has got fans excited about the release which will happen later this year

If you’re a fan of Apple devices, you’d be excited to see pictures of the iPhone 13 that have been flying around.

YouTuber Filip Koroy has made a video to reveal everything that you can expect from the device.


The expected iPhone is going to have a slightly different design from iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 design
Users can expect a more grippy back which will make the device more comfortable to hold.


One of the upgrades that people expect from a new device display and Apple is doing something about that.

The anticipated device will use an LPTO OLED technology which can be found in Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 devices.

Clock and battery charge will be visible and notifications will e displayed using a bar.

iPhone 13

Photography is one of the most hyped attributes of the iPhone and users look forward to the upgrade each year.

Apple will introduce automatic astrophotography to the anticipated device. This will allow users to taken better shots of celestial objects like the star.

Another exciting upgrade is the introduction of portrait video. With this feature, you can record a portrait video and change the depth of field in post.

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Stronger Magsafe

iPhone 12 came with a Magsafe feature that allows users to securely hold magnetic attachments. However, people complained that it wasn’t strong enough

The expected device will come with more secure a Magsafe without health risks.

This is all that is known about the iPhone 13 for now but you can always trust Apple to chip in something extra.

Fans have shared their excitement about the expected device in a series of tweets as seen below.

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