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Why Everyone Is Going To Canada, Should You Pack Your Bags?

Why Everyone Is Going To Canada, What To Do Next?

Why Everyone Is Going To Canada, What To Do Next?

  • Are you pondering why Nigerians are currently leaving for other countries, especially Canada?

  • What makes this country better than Nigeria and what do people stand to gain?

  • Check out the major benefits of going to Canada and how to go about it

Every day, people who show interest in leaving the country keep increasing.

One of the top destinations on everyone’s mind is growing North American country, Canada.

Nigerians going to Canada

What makes this nation a favorable destination and should you even go to Canada? Find out here


Most people are going to Canada from Nigeria in search of employment.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Nigeria has the second-highest jobless rate in the world (33.3%).

The Canadian government revealed plans to accept more skilled immigrants into some sectors of the economy.


Another reason while people are going to Canada is that it has a higher quality education system.

The cost of education is subsidized and there are graduate visa programs for immigrants.

Welcoming immigration system

Canada offers various immigration opportunities to people who want to relocate to the country.

Canada has an organized immigration system which makes it one of the most welcoming for foreigners.

Welcoming environment

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants. The country accepts various cultures and religions.

The country is known for its high acceptance of immigrants so you’ll likely meet many others like you there.

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How to go about Immigration

Immigration to Canada can be achieved through either the Express Entry System or Provincial Nominee Program.

The Express Entry System accepts skilled labor from other countries. It favors people who are young with work experience in a particular skill.

The Provincial Nominee Program accepts people with a needed skill or experience in that particular province.

This program allows provinces in Canada to nominate people interested in staying in that particular province.

It will ensure that people are evenly distributed across the country.

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