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Fathers Day: Nigerian Fathers Appreciation

Fathers Day: Nigerian Fathers Appreciation

  • June 20 marks the fathers day celebration for 2021, to celebrate the outstanding sacrifices of Fathers all over the world
  • Fathers are known for sacrificing time and energy daily to ensure that their children get the best
  • Due little recognition that the parent gets, we believe that appreciation is due at Naija FM

Fathers day is a day set aside to celebrate the accomplishments and sacrifices of a father around the world.

On this day, children celebrate their fathers and other men who served as parents in their life.

The first Fathers day was declared on the 19th of July, 1910 by the Washington State Governor and since then it has been celebrated yearly.

A father is the breadwinner of the family. A pillar that holds and supports the rest of the family without waiting to be appreciated.

Many can tell of the stress that fathers go through to ensure that children have food to eat and clothes to wear.

In a country like Nigeria, children grow to be more emotionally attached to the mother because of their availability but no one can deny the love and commitment of a father.

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On this day, Naija FM appreciates all the men who are willing to do the difficult jobs to ensure that their family is taken care of.

Fathers day

Happy Father’s Day to all the father figures in our lives who made some sort of sacrifice to get us here.

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