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Petrol Tanker Explosion in Apapa

Another Petrol Tanker Explosion in Oshodi-Apapa Road

Petrol Tanker Explosion in Apapa

There is another Petrol tanker explosion on one of Lagos’s major roads

A petrol tanker exploded on the Oshodi-Apapa expressway

Residents of the area are fleeing as firefighters try to manage the situation

A petrol tanker explosion just happened on the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway in Lagos. The explosion was so big that it covered both lanes of the express road.

Although no casualties have been reported yet, firefighters haven’t been able to put off the big flames. This petrol tanker explosion has resulted in huge traffic along that road. Many drivers have been forced to take another route to avoid being caught up in the accident.

Petrol tanker explosionThe fire incident occurred close to a fire station, according to residents and firefighters were able to respond quickly and curb the spread.

Cases of fire outbreak have been rampant in the state for a while. This has caused many people to demand that the government finds a solution. Only two months ago, there was a tanker explosion at Mile 2 that destroyed vehicles.

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