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Place Travel Ban on Donald Trump – MURIC Tells Buhari

Nigerian Muslim organisation, MURIC has asked President Buhari to place a travel ban on Donald Trump

The United State President on Wednesday, January 6 was accused of instigating violence at the Capitol

MURIC leadership is hence calling on the Nigerian government to punish Trump for his role in the incident.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is asking Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari to place a travel ban on embattled US President Donald Trump over his role in the violent protest at the Capitol

In a press statement on Monday, January 11, Ishaq AkintolaM URIC director claimed that Trump “stained” America’s reputation as a great democracy by his actions.

The group also berated the president for taking silent stance as riotous pro-Trump supporters invade the Capitol, noting the US government might have imposed sanctions such event had taken place in the Nigeria.

According to Ishaq Akintola the Federal Government should make a statement on the debacle happening in American.

He stressed that the United State  condemnation of African countries and other third world nations has been deafening enough to attract heavy backlashes at this moment,

Muric trump buhari

He further disclosed that the group is unhappy over the Nigerian government’s silent position, revealing that China, Is an and Turkey have published statements following the issues

Meanwhile, we reported earlier that the Nigerian government has directed all telecommunication operators to deregister all SIM cards that are not synchronized with the National Identity Number (NIN) by December 30th 2020.

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