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Lagos Ranked 2nd Most Stressful City in the World, See Full List

Lagos Ranked 2nd Most Stressful City in the World, See Full List

Lagos Ranked 2nd Most Stressful City in the World, See Full List

  • Lagos state has been ranked the second most stressful city in the world according to a list compiled by
  • The list was compiled following the analysis of 100 global cities by monitoring their stress levels
  • Mumbai, India was the only city that ranked ahead of Lagos on the stress index with Manila, Philippines following the Nigerian city

Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos has been ranked as the second most stressful city in the world.


The 2021 list was compiled by and measured the most stressful and least stressful cities to live in.

To arrive at this list, factors such as security, sociopolitical stability, population density, air and noise pollution were taken into account.

Over 100 cities were selected based on size, significance and availability of data.

Asia and Europe were the most represented on the top stressful cities list while the least stressful cities list featured only European cities.

Mumbai India took the number one spot followed by Lagos, Africa’s most populous city.

Mumbai India

Manila, Philippines was one of the Asian cities featured as well New Delhi, India and Baghdad, Iraq.

Check out the full list here

Mumbai, India
Lagos, Nigeria
Manila, Philippines
New Delhi, India
Baghdad, Iraq
Kabul, Afghanistan
Moscow, Russia
Karachi, Pakistan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Kiev, Ukraine

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In case you’re wondering, Reykjavik, Iceland was ranked as the least stressful city to live in.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Check out the top 10 list here

Reykjavik, Iceland
Bern, Switzerland
Helsinki, Finland
Wellington, New Zealand
Melbourne, Australia
Oslo, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Innsbruck, Austria
Hanover, Germany
Graz, Austria

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