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Imo state governor, Hope Uzodinma, signs law that allows him to arrest citizens unopposed

The governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodinma has signed a criminal justice law that allows him to detain any resident in the state for however long he wants to.

The new law titled Imo State Administration Of Criminal Justice Law No 2 of 2020 (ISACJL, 2020) states that any person detained on the orders of the governor can only be released with a license from him.

A section of the law further states that withstanding what any other written law states, individuals detained will remain in detention under any condition the governor directs and such detention will be deemed legal.

There have been controversies about the legality of this law since it allows the governor to make arrests unopposed. Analysts also believe that the law contradicts the country’s constitution.

Other provisions of the law state that anyone detained may be released by a license from the governor. It also states that the license can be revoked at any point for the resident to be re-arrested and taken to any location the Governor pleases.

In summary, this law allows the current Governor, Hope Uzodinma to arrest a resident and dictate the custody in which the citizen will be held.


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