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(Hilarious) Abuja Man Places Tokunbo Helicopter for Sale on Facebook, Nigerians React.

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A Facebook user has shared what many people have described as hilarious on Facebook. He advertised a (fairly-used) tokunbo helicopter for sale. The helicopter was parked in a private residence and its body parts and interior were displayed in the photos.

Although Facebook has become a veritable marketing tool, many Nigerians were surprised that a tokunbo helicopter could be put up for sale on Facebook.

They are used to the idea of having cars and other products sold on Facebook but the idea behind selling a helicopter sounds strange to many.

Apart from putting the specifications of the engine, year of manufacturing, and place of manufacture, the seller also added his WhatsApp number for interested persons to contact him.

Facebook users who asked for the cost of the tokunbo helicopter were not replied to an indication that the owner meant business. Articles of ostentation like helicopters are considered generally expensive and uncommon in Nigeria.

Are Tokunbo Helicopters the Future of Air Travel in Nigeria?

People can easily point those within their communities that use some of the latest and most expensive cars but they can hardly boast of having friends that go about with helicopters.

If the future of transportation in Nigeria will be one where each wealthy man will own a tokunbo helicopter and fly to any destination of his choice then it calls for concern since air travel has to follow a lot of regulatory and compliance guidelines.

Road transportation already faces so many issues with violators and non-compliant car owners. It is likely to be the same if the use of helicopters may pose its own risk and challenges.

It is common among the rich in Nigeria but if an average Facebook user can think of acquiring one that is less costly, then a lot is at stake with regards to safety and environmental concerns for air travel.

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