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Villagers Discover Gold Mountain In Congo (Video)

Villagers Discover Gold Mountain In Congo (Video)

Villagers Discover Gold Mountain In Congo (Video)

-Villagers in Congo have reportedly found a mountain that is filled with Gold

-The villagers gathered in numbers to pack the valuable natural resources as seen in a video

-They take the resources home from the gold mountain and wash of the dirt

Villagers in Congo have reportedly discovered a mountain that I filled with gold according to videos that surfaced online.

Gold mountain in Congo
The viral video shows the villagers as they gathered to pack pieces of the yellowish substance into sacks using shovels.

Another video shows that the villagers move the substance to their home from the gold mountain, wash it and extract the gold.

Despite Congo being blessed with many natural resources, it remains one of the poorest countries in Africa.

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Congo has a high reserve of valuable minerals like Cobalt, Diamond, Gold, and Copper but years of conflict and mismanagement have ensured that their citizens don’t benefit from these resources.

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