Spotify Becomes 1st Music Platform in Metaverse With Roblox Island

Spotify Becomes 1st Music Platform in Metaverse With Roblox Island

  • Spotify is the first music streaming brand to enter the virtual world with a metaverse platform Roblox.
  • Musicians will be able to interact with fans and make a percentage of Spotify’s revenue.
  • The island gives users the opportunity to meet their favourite artists and create their own music.

In recent times, we have seen a lot of companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Meta enter the metaverse. Spotify has made it known that it will enter the virtual world through Spotify Island, a Roblox interactive place.


The island, according to the company, is a place where users can make music, hang out in virtual venues, and shop for exclusive virtual goods. Spotify launched Roblox today, the 5th of May 2022. 

Spotify’s Roblox island is designed in a fashion that carries the brand style and audience along. It has a lot of green- the main theme colour, as well as other brand colours and icons frequently used on the app. In terms of digital goods, Spotify claims that exclusive in-game virtual merchandise will provide artists with more opportunities to earn for their work.

The music streaming platform says that a percentage of revenues will go to the artists, but it doesn’t say how much. However, it did remark that it has already worked with several bands to build a line of merchandise that “expresses who they are.”

Some exciting things to do on the island are fraternizing with your favourite musicians, completing missions, and getting access to “exclusive content”. The company also disclosed that it has hidden Easter eggs across the virtual world for consumers to find.

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Powered by Soundtrap, beat-maker stations allow you to create your music and beats. Soundtrap is the online recording provider Spotify bought in 2017. 


Users will be able to interact with musicians Stray Kids and SUNMI through K-Park, a homage to K-Pop. As the concept of the metaverse is just beginning, this will blaze a trail for many other hangouts.

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