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Meet Caroline Esinam Adzogble, Youngest Woman In Africa To Own An Accredited College

For most young Africans women who are turning 28, having a global business attached to their name would be a dream, but for Caroline Esinam Adzogble, that entrepreneurial dream is already a compelling reality.

According to Black Enterprise, Adzogble is currently the youngest woman in Africa to own an accredited college. She attained this through her Potters International College in Accra, Ghana.

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Launched in 2016, the educational institution was designed as a platform where working professionals and young students could receive career training to arm them with the requisite skills they would need to prepare them and excel in future jobs.

Offering a wide collection of career-specific programs, Potter’s International provides training in field like media, marketing and communications. Also included are business management and information technology solutions like web and software development.

Adzogble has also spread her tentacles beyond skill developments, adding international recruitment into her rising portfolio. She founded an international student recruitment platform, IAES Africa with a focus to connect prospects with global opportunities and help businesses find the right talent that matches their expectations. According to Enterprise Africa, the platform has recruited from 43 countries.

Speaking to face to Face Africa, she expressed her vision for education in Africa. ”I am on the quest to uplift education within Africa and beyond, to make education the most accessible and affordable to students located in over 146 countries,” Adzogble told Face 2 Face Africa.

Other notable accomplishments of Adzogble include co-founding Caroline University and serving as president of Mercy Heart Foundation, an organization that provides merit-based scholarships for students to study aboard.

Adzogble also serves as CEO of the Caroline Group, a huge educational conglomerate in West Africa, Ghana.

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