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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: 10 Places To Visit in Lagos This Holiday.

It’s another episode on where to visit this holiday and today, we would be considering fun places in Eko ile, Eko àkéte! Stay with me as I take you through a list of ten places you should check out this holiday….

Top 10 places to visit in Lagos

Lagos State.
  • BADAGRY is the number one place to visit in Lagos, that place holds water and fire on the Nigerian history.

Heritage Museum, Badagry.

Statue made in the description of the BADAGRY slave trade.

Slave cell, Badagry.

Coconut beach, Badagry.

  • LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE is the second on the list
Lekki conservation resort

  • Third on the list is NIKE ART GALLERY.

Front view of the gallery.

Interior of the gallery.

  • Fourth on the list is LA CAMPAGNE TROPICANA. The best beach resort in West Africa.

Pool arena, LA campagne tropicana.


Interior of one of Sencillo.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
  • JARA BEACH RESORT is sixth in the list.

Over head view of the resort.

  • EPE MANGROVES is the seventh on the list.
  • TERRA KULTURE is eighth on the list.

Theatre Areana, Terra Kulture.

Terra Kulture art gallery.

Terra Kulture restaurant.

  • Nineth is UP BEAT.

Up beat game centre.

Up beat recreational centre.

  • The tenth place to visit in Lagos is Jaekel House, Èbúté metta.

Railway tracks in Jaekel House.

Places to visit in Lag

Jaekel House secret garden.

Places to visit in Lag
Places to visit in Lag

Meanwhile, in our previous holiday special, we reported that the first place you want to visit in Ibadan is The Robert Lister Bower’s Tower. The tower is located at the Oke-Are in Ìbàdàn.

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