First Statue in Honour of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Creator, Unveiled in Hungary

Satoshi NakamotoCrypto enthusiasts gathered in the capital city of Budapest on Thursday to unveil the statue of Satoshi Nakamoto who is famed for creating Bitcoin. The bronze burst was unveil at the Graphisoft Park. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the creator of Bitcoin. His identity, gender, age, race, and height remain unknown.

Adras Gyorfi, the editor of Kripto Akademia, a Hungarian crypto news website, proposed the idea in a bid to increase the awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The statue sits in the business park that has statues of Steve Jobs, Apple founder, and Erno Rubik, the Rubik cube inventor.

The statue was sculpted by Gergely Reka and Tamas Gilly. Their work hoped to create a human form while preserving Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity. A special alloy of bronze and aluminium was used to make the face of the art piece such that it reflects the image of whoever looks at it like a mirror. This denotes “we are all Satoshi”. The statue wears a hoodie with Bitcoin logo engraved on its chest.

The project was sponsored by the crypto community in Hungary and supported by the likes of Gabi Debreczeni-Raskó, Imre Szilágyi,  the founder of the Blockchain Budapest conference,  Debreczeni Barnabás of MrCoin, one of the foremost crypto exchanges in Hungary, and Kornél Kalocsai, leader of the Blockchain Hungary Association.


Here is a link to the video of the unveiling

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