(Revealed) Two Popular Catholic Priests Watching BBNaija Show, Speak on Erica

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Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season five is on and like the previous edition. it generates a lot of issues. Lately more religious personalities have been talking about the show and following trends including two catholic priests in Nigeria.

It is surprising because catholic priests are supposed to be celibate. To understand how controversial it is for catholic priests to be watching the BBNaija show, it is wise to first know about the show itself.

Since BBNaija season 5 began there have been series of leaked sex tapes and so-called indecent dances and behaviors almost on a daily basis among housemates. Ordinarily, many conservative Christians think that the show is promoting immorality.

There have also been calls to abolish the show because of moral concerns. But the billions raked in annually from the show has made the call for an abolishment a mirage.

Why The Two Priests Are Watching BBNaija

However, two popular catholic priests Fr Kelvin Ugwu and Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka have drawn media attention for their interest in the show. This happened for two main reasons.

Both Catholic priests are supposed to be celibate and as such are not to be watching a show that is quite sexually explicit as the Big Brother Naija show. But both priests seem to be appealing to the moral issues raised by the show as the excuse for watching it since most of their flock watch it too

Fr Ejike Mbaka

Fr Mbaka the spiritual director of Adoration Ministries Emene Nigeria (AMEN) is famous for predicting the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari and the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 general elections.

Mbaka in a widely circulated video on social media predicted the eviction of Erica a member of the BBNaiha house for has displayed bad behavior towards other members.

His reaction shocked many conservative Christians who were shocked that their priests were also watching the BBNaija show.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu

Fr Kelvin is a Nigerian missionary priest based in Malawi. He often speaks on trending social issues and has been watching the controversial BBNaija show too.

Like Mbaka, he has also commented on the show.
He tried to explain the love story between Erica who has just been evicted and Laycon. Laycon is a member of the BBNaija house who is known for his love for Erica.

The fact that both Fr Mbaka and Fr Kelvin that are known catholic priests are talking about BBNaija has generated a controversy among conservative Christians in Nigeria.

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