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Meet Thai Ngoc: Vietnamese Farmer Who Hasn’t Slept For 48 Years

Meet Thai Ngoc: Vietnamese Farmer Who Hasn't Slept For 48 Years

Meet Thai Ngoc: Vietnamese Farmer Who Hasn’t Slept For 48 Years

  • A Vietnamese farmer, Thai Ngoc, 78 has not slept for 48 years

  • Many TV stations have monitored Thai with modern devices and they claim that he hasn’t dozed off for a second

  • Thai acquired his superhuman non-sleeping ability after suffering a fever in 1973

Thai Ngoc, a Vietnamese farmer has been unable to close his eyes and sleep since 1973 when he came down with a fever.

This is the story of the superhuman insomniac. Find out how he was able to achieve this.


Ngoc, 78 lives on a farm with his wife in Na Trang valley, Que Son district, Vietnam.

Ngoc brews wine daily with his family and processes 5 liters of alcohol each day.

The condition started when Thai was 20 years old but it worsened after a suffered a fever.

Ngoc’s son

How It started

Although Thai Ngoc struggled to sleep when he was younger, it wasn’t until he suffered a fever that it became more intense.

He realized that he was unable to sleep, despite the use of traditional medicine and his best effort to.

Medical condition

Ngoc has been interviewed by many TV stations over the years.

At first impression, it was discovered that Ngoc was healthy despite being unable to sleep for decades.

The farmer reportedly did not blink his eyes once, during an interview that lasted minutes.

Thai was monitored by TV stations for days and they confirmed that he was active all through.

The Director of a Psychiatric Hospital in Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen Gia Thieu claims that Thai’s condition is weird but not dangerous.

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Current Life

Thai Ngoc’s medical condition forces him to work at night when everyone else is sleeping.

He has refused to see a doctor about his insomnia because he believes that it doesn’t require a cure.

Despite his old age and his inability to sleep, Ngoc remains active and has been reported to carry two heavy loads of firewood from a hill to his home daily.

Thai Ngoc

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