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5 Unbelievable African Traditions

5 Unbelievable African Traditions

5 Unbelievable African Traditions

  • It is estimated that there are over 3000 tribes in Africa, from the San People in South Africa all the way to Nigeria

  • While some traditions transcend across tribes, certain traditions are unique to some tribes alone

  • In this article, find 5 unbelievable African traditions and where they are practised

    Africa, the second largest continent in the world, is home to over 3000 tribes.

These tribes have their traditions, some of which are widely accepted but others seem quite strange.

In this article, you can find the five strangest African traditions and the tribes that practise them.

1. Spitting as a Greeting Form/ Blood Drinking

In some parts of Kenya and Tanzania, an unbelievable tradition is practised by the Maasia tribe.

Unbelievable African traditions

While other people greet by shaking hands and saying hello, people of this tribe greet by spitting.

The tribe is also known for drinking cow blood.

After the animal has been slaughtered, tribe members drink directly from the neck of the cow and suck out the remaining blood to be stored for later.

2. Lip Stretching

In the heart of South Sudan, people of the Surma tribe are famous for enlarging their lips.

During their teen years, girls undergo teeth removal procedure so that their mouths can accommodate a lip plate.

The plate size is increased yearly as the lip enlarges until it reaches an astounding size.

3. Bull Jump

In Ethiopia, you’re not a man until you have undergone the bull jump tradition.

African traditions

This unbelievable African tradition compels boys to prove their manliness by stripping and jumping on the back of a bull.

In the practice known as Hamar, the boy has to jump from one bull to another while the bulls are held by others.

Watch a full video for comprehension:

4. Earn a wife by being beaten

In the Fulani tribe, a tradition known as “Sharo” is practised before marriage.

The groom has to earn a wife by receiving several strokes of the cane.

In the event where he is not strong enough to do so, the wedding is called off.

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5. Festival of the dead

The Chewa community of the Bantu tribe in Malawi also has its share of strange African traditions.

During the burial of a tribe member, the inside of the deceased is washed.

The throat of the corpse is slit and water is poured into his or her insides.

The water is then squeezed out and used in cooking for the entire community during the funeral.

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