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5 Love Languages and How They Affect You Relationship

5 Love Languages and How They Affect Your Relationship

“Love does not last forever, you decide to love every day”. 

Exhibiting love languages is a common way that people express and receive love. Knowing your partner’s love language smoothens your relationship and improves understanding. In case you didn’t know, they are 5 love languages that humans often use to express their feelings to the ones they care about.

If you want your relationship to work and also want to enjoy your partner, then find out what your partner’s love language is without having to quiz them. All you have to do is read and observe, as we unveil secrets about your partner’s love language. Love languages

The 5 Love Languages

Physical Touch

If your partner shows any of these signs then their love language is physical touch.

  • Finds it difficult to part from you for some days
  • Loves to cuddle and snuggle
  • Loves hand holding both in public and in private
  • Yearns for an opportunity to touch bodies

Quality Time

If their love language is quality time, they may exhibit some of these hints

  • Gets annoyed when you stay on your phone for long while they were talking to you
  • They want to be asked about their day
  • They want you around while they do house chores
  • They want to know everything that goes on with you, and complain if you don’t 


Receiving Gifts

  • Loves exchanging gifts on special days and holidays 
  • They love spontaneous gifts no matter how little 
  • They feel bad a lot when you forget their  birthday or a special holiday 
  • They always make references to previous gifts that you bought

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Acts Of Service

  • They believe in “action speaks louder than words”
  • They prefer to do chores, render services, and buy you gifts
  • They love it when you help with daily chores

Words Of Affirmation 

  • They don’t take kindly to criticism 
  • Feedback is very important to them
  • They frequently ask for reassurance
  • Compliments make them feel good

Love languages are not for couples alone. There are love languages for single people, care to find out what they are? Like and leave a comment below.

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