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Senate reveal plans for social media bill

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Spokesperson of the Nigerian senate reveals that plans to pass social media bill are not true

The spokesperson of the Nigerian senate, Ajibola Barisu has spoken up about the reports of the social media bill. Reports have been flying around that the lawmakers are set to pass a bill to regulate social media content.

“This report is yet another example of irresponsibility taken too far as there has not been any recommendation for passage of the bill by the senate. “

The bill which is called “Protection from the internet Falsehood and Manipulations” was pushed forward by a senator representing eastern Niger, Sani Musa.

Musa’s argument for the pass of the bill was that the country needs it to maintain unity. However, many of the lawmakers kicked against the bill when it was proposed at a senate hearing.

Basiru came out to reveal that there has not been a recommendation for the passage of the social media bill by the senate committee. He also said that reports that news that is being spread around is false and developed to tarnish the image of the senate.

“The senate wishes that Nigerians will be circumspect, shunning gullibility which makes them lap up those invidious write-ups and begin to comment on non-existent issues.”

 “It is common knowledge that the senate conducts its sittings in the open and matters for consideration are well laid out and therefore, would not require anyone’s investigation to ‘dig’ out what the Senate would do.”

The bill if successful will result in punishment for anyone who peddles false information using social media. The social media bill already passed the second reading which resulted in it becoming public earlier this year.

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