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Akon reveals plans to build $6bn city in Senegal

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Rapper, Akon plans to build a city in Senegal which is going to be modeled after Black Panther’s Wakanda

In a news conference on Monday, popular R&B star has revealed that he has plans to build a futuristic $6bn city in his homeland that would be modeled over Wakanda. He stated that the first stone has been laid for this city which will be located in the Ocean village of Mbodiene.

The city named Akon City will be solar-powered and host various buildings including university, hospitals, business, and leisure centers. The plan for the $6bn city was laid down by architect Hussein Bakri, drawing inspiration from the fictional city in Black Panther.

Akon moved to New Jersey US with his family when he was seven. He grew up in a community where he met many African-Americans who didn’t know a lot about their history. He stated that his motivation for building the city is to give them the motivation to know that there is something for them back at home. He also revealed that he has received the blessings of the elders in Mbodiene.

Akon whose real name is Alioune Badara Thiam said that he wants Senegal to be the first stop when Europeans and Americans visit Africa. Akon stated that the city will be worth a whopping $6bn but refused to state the sponsors behind the construction due to confidentiality clauses.

Construction for the $6bn city will start early next year and the town will be covering an area of 55 hectares. However, there are plans for the city to grow beyond 500 hectares by the end of the decade. The city will house artificial islands and a marina and be home to a population of 300,000 people.

The minister of Tourism for Senegal has hailed this project, vowing to contribute to its completion. The $6bn city is not the only construction project to be established by a celebrity in Africa, British actor Idris Elba has revealed plans for an eco-tourism complex in Sierra Leone.


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