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A 27-year-old Mother Kills Five Children in Germany

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An eleven-year-old boy, Marcel has recounted how his 27-year-old mother killed his five brothers and sisters with poison

The boy allegedly watched his 27-year-old mother kill his 3 sisters and 2 brothers before trying to take her own life. The bodies of the children were found in an apartment block in Solingen on Thursday, the 3rd of September. The five children were 3 girls aged one, two, and three, as well as six and eight-year-old boys.

A report from Bild revealed that the names of the female children are Sophie, Melina, and Leonie. The boys were named as Luca and Timo. The only surviving child of this incident was Marcel, the eldest child. He witnessed the poisoning before his mother took him away on a train.

After arriving in Dusseldorf on the train, the mother, Christiane K attempted to commit suicide by jumping on the tracks. She survived, although she sustained some serious injuries. Marcel has since been taken to his grandmother in Monchengladbach.

 Police are yet to determine the motive for the killing, although they have contacted the father of the children. Information was reportedly gotten from the children’s grandmother.

A police spokesman stated

“At the moment we believe that the 27-year-old mother appears to be responsible.  The mother was not at the apartment when they arrived at the scene. She is now in hospital but not yet in a fit state to speak to the police.”

He also confirmed that they were investigating if medications were the cause of the children’s death. More than 40 officers were dispatched to the scene on receiving the information from their grandmother.

The 27-year-old mother is now in the hospital but is not in a fit state to speak to the police.


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